Art Meets Pop: Drawing Singers

An art update with some drawings from the past couple months.

For me, art of the visual sort and music have always gone together and can at times share a beautiful concept and help each other bring out certain elements of the central story or theme. I’ve always loved musicians who put loving attention into the visual aspect of their careers, such as music videos, album covers, style and live performances. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it does add that extra little care and attention to the art they are making. As a result of the marriage of the visual and sonic elements being so important to me, I have a tendency to focus my art on singers and musicians who I am listening to at that time. You’ll see this in many of my drawings. First, some drawings that aren’t related to artists:

The first drawing just kinda happened organically. I felt like drawing a person, then I decided to draw a girl, then I decided she should have green hair, that she should look distressed, etc. So drawing one is a tired girl with green hair and a smoke friend. Drawing two is a drawing of my dog with a third eye. I don’t really have a reason for this, I have no spiritual reason to take interest in third eyes but I guess I perceive the third eye as representing a sort of purity, which makes me think of the innocence of a dog or any animal. I love animals quite a lot, but rarely practice drawing them. Perhaps I’ll do more animal drawings in the future.


Over the past while since the new Gorillaz album, Humanz, has been released I’ve been going back on their career and listening to a lot of their music, new and old. Gorillaz is obviously a band with a large visual art aspect. While Damon Albarn focuses on the music, Jamie Hewlett creates the characters and this combination makes an interesting combination for me to work with. I can listen to the songs, and I can draw the characters for fun. The character that stuck out the most to me immediately was 2-D, the tall, lanky blue-haired singer with hyphema, giving his eyes their trademark appearance.

The last drawing is the only one where I decided to try something different, and so I drew Noodle, the band’s guitar player, in her Phase 3 look. I’m thinking to draw Cyborg Noodle next, as I think the Cyborg also has a cool look. After these Gorillaz related drawings, I decided to draw some singers whose visual aspects I enjoy quite a lot.

I started off doing a full body shot of Lady Gaga during the Born This Way era. You might have guessed, from my drawings of 2-D and my drawing of Gaga, that I have a thing with blue hair. Gaga’s crazy outfits make it fun to draw her, even though fabric is something I still need a lot of practice drawing. The last drawing I’ve done in the past while is of Marina Diamandis, aka Marina and the Diamonds. I decided to take on her portrait from the cover of her album Froot, because I loved the way the colourful lights hit her dark hair and just overpowered it with their brightness. I’m not sure I tackled the lights hitting her hair all that well, but this was a very fun drawing to work on and colour and I’m quite proud of it regardless.

That’s all for now. Thanks for looking!


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