Los Ageless

I realized that I used to talk about what music I was listening to and I haven’t done that in a while. So, let’s begin with what’s new. St. Vincent released a new album just over a month ago called MASSEDUCTION and I like it quite a lot. Los Ageless and Masseduction are probably my favourite songs off of the album from the listens that I’ve given it. I like it, but it doesn’t necessarily feel ground breaking to me or whatever. I don’t feel like it revolutionized my way of thinking about songwriting or anything, but I still enjoy it.

I’ve also been re-listening to Lady Gaga’s Joanne album a fair bit. Again, I like it, but it’s not revolutionary or anything. I still think the songs are beautiful though

I’m excited to see what Bjork’s upcoming album will hold, as well as Franz Ferdinand’s next album. I haven’t got a lot inspiration to go off of lately, as you can see. I’m looking back for the time being, looking for inspiration in the usual places: Nirvana, the Strokes, Bjork, Jack White, etc. Bands/artists that I never really get tired of.

It’s not so bad. I’m probably going to be scoping out an open mic night this coming Saturday and if I get to like the people who run it, maybe next month’s open mic I’ll bring something of my own to sing. If I do, I’ll try to film it for this blog. We’ll see what happens with that.

I’m also trying some digital art so that I can hopefully replace the drawings on the header with better looking digital draw ones. That should be happening at some point in the future.

That’s all I’ve got for now though.
Thanks for reading!


Short and Long-Term Goals

Just some things that I really want to focus on as I am currently finding myself creatively through school. I do have some new sketches that I might finish up and post here on this blog soon, so stay tuned for that. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, and I still want to use it but I’m trying to balance out my life and sometimes that means moving from one thing to another before coming back around. I will be back around to this blog, but my mind is just at other places right now. If you are still following despite my lack of posts, thank you so much! It means a lot to me!

Here are some of my more personal goals as of recent. They’re only vaguely related to my art, but I still felt it was worth posting here.

Present Goals



Expect less frequent posts than in the summer on this blog. Fall semester has started and so I’m burdened with homework again, but thankfully my program allows me to be creative in many ways as well. If anything applies to my blog, I’l try to post that here but otherwise expect less posts in general.

I do want to get back to working on my music. I went to a great concert during the week and going to a show always inspires me to work harder on my music. I’ve always been more of a lyric writer who just enjoyed putting simple chords to some words. The words were the focus, but I want to change that now. I want to focus more on the music and make something more melodic and interesting. So that’s going to be my focus for the next little while. If I make anything, I’ll post it here.


I’m Not Creepy, I’m Just Different

I’ve been watching a lot of Ray Narvaez Jr’s (BrownMan on Twitch and YouTube) streams, ┬áincluding his Stardew Valley videos so I decided to draw his character from the Stardew Valley series, W33DG0D!!!

One of my favourite shows as a kid was Teen Titans so I felt like drawing Raven from the show.

I really love Greek mythology so I decided to do something vaguely in the spirit of the birth of Venus/Aphrodite. I might touch this one up a bit more, specifically shading on the shell, so I’ll update if I change that.

music, writing

Planning For Creativity (Or At Least Trying)

I’ve been trying to gear up to do some more writing and songwriting once I finish my calculus exam, such as prepping my ideas and getting what I want to work on in order so that I can just work and write once I’m done. I’m getting some chords chosen for my songs so that I can choose instruments and drum beats for my songs, and I’m getting plot arcs in order for my writings. I’ve been a little dispassionate about my ideas lately, however.

I had such high hopes and I feel like my songs aren’t coming together the way I wanted. I wanted to make something different, but it feels so same old so far. Maybe once I get recording and I start playing around, it’ll find itself shifting to something more interesting. One can only hope.

I’m also going away in two weeks, so maybe I’ll even get some writing done while I’m away. I’m going away with my mom and both of us are writers, so maybe we’ll have some good late night writing sessions during those couple days. We’ll just have to see.