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Planning For Creativity (Or At Least Trying)

I’ve been trying to gear up to do some more writing and songwriting once I finish my calculus exam, such as prepping my ideas and getting what I want to work on in order so that I can just work and write once I’m done. I’m getting some chords chosen for my songs so that I can choose instruments and drum beats for my songs, and I’m getting plot arcs in order for my writings. I’ve been a little dispassionate about my ideas lately, however.

I had such high hopes and I feel like my songs aren’t coming together the way I wanted. I wanted to make something different, but it feels so same old so far. Maybe once I get recording and I start playing around, it’ll find itself shifting to something more interesting. One can only hope.

I’m also going away in two weeks, so maybe I’ll even get some writing done while I’m away. I’m going away with my mom and both of us are writers, so maybe we’ll have some good late night writing sessions during those couple days. We’ll just have to see.


Plots Are Hard

I haven’t talked much about my writing yet, so I’d like to do that in this post.

The story I am working on with one of my good friends is a young adult-style novel. I don’t really want to describe it in too much detail since we’re only working on a first draft right now and it’s subject to change at any moment, but I do really like the beginning we have so far. It feels like a good start to the story though.

I would consider myself a generally decent writer. Everyone has bad days, and everyone has those few shining moments, but I would – hopefully humbly – consider myself decent.  My most difficult time while writing is coming up with a good plot to follow. Currently, I have good characters, setting, and even a good romantic subplot and another subplot about finding one’s self, but the main plot of the story I honestly haven’t decided on. I have a couple ideas, but I’m not absolutely confident about them. I always get the feel like they’re either too dramatic and trying to fit too much in, or they’re just too cliché. I’ll have to decide on one in order to at least get through the first draft, but it’s hard to put effort into something when I’m not absolutely certain it’s the right idea. Logically, I know it’s better to at least try something and see if it works rather than write nothing whilst hoping for some mystical spark of inspiration, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Still, the fact that I feel good about this story gives me hope that we’ll figure out what the best path is for these characters. This story is one we’ve been kicking around with since high school and we are still absolutely in love with these characters and want to put them out into the world and as long as that is a goal of ours, I’m sure we can make it happen. I’m excited to keep working on this project. During certain school semesters, our work may slow down (such as right now) and so this project may be a slow process, but we’ve been holding onto it so dearly that I feel we will always come back to it so working on it is sort of an investment for our creative lives. The two of us share a dream of publishing a novel, and maybe even multiple books, and getting this book out there could be an awesome to way to get our foot through the door and making a name for us. That’s the dream anyway.

I’m not working on too much else with my writing though. For a while, I was working on a screenplay for a show, and I have written a pilot episode but it’s not as good as I hoped it would be. I might keep working on it to see if I can get it looking better and more developed but between calculus homework, the novel and drawing, I haven’t been making much time for the screenplay. I’ve also been thinking about trying to write some short stories and poems to send into competitions, hopefully to make some money but also to challenge myself a bit more. I don’t have a job right now so I could use a little extra income, and more experience and practice is always good.

Because I’m trying not to give away too many details of the novel though, I think that’s all I have to say for now.

Live the good life, everyone.

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Where I’m At and With What

I’ve been dabbling in visual art, music and writing all at once lately since I have no classes to keep busy with, and it’s been fun; however, in a week and a half, my class will start and I may have to cut back on my projects a bit. So, I’d like to offer a brief description of my current projects, and I will separate them by medium.

Most promising perhaps is the novel I have taken on along with a close friend. We’ve been sitting with the idea for about five years and we’ve decided to just go for it, since all these years later we are still in love with it. I am still trying to work out what my inspirations really are for the characters, but since it is a Young Adult novel I am trying to get back into reading a couple of those. I’m trying to avoid the more popular ones, however, such as the ones that now have movies based on them – ie, Paper Towns, the Perks of Being a Wallflower, or 13 Reasons Why. The themes in the novel most certainly will be similar, but I really don’t want to make something similar to any of these titles. They all have something about them that I really can’t stand, a sort of exaggerated quirkiness. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I do have critiques of the way these were written in particular:

-Paper Towns, I find the premise and the plot somewhat hard to believe and it therefore makes it hard for me to play along with, so to speak. I also find the main character a bit boring, and I know this can be done on purpose sometimes but it’s not a path I want to follow in my own writing.

-13 Reasons Why, I find it hard to explain why but I cannot stand this story or its characters, although to be fair I’ve only seen the show. It was poorly written in the sense that there was not enough shown about Hannah’s mental space leading up to her suicide, and she doesn’t really seem depressed, although I may be trying to project my own experiences too much in a place where they don’t fit. Also, boring main character again.

-The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I actually quite like except I almost feel like the cultural references go overboard to the point where the hipsterism is stereotypical: they like the Smiths, they participate in Rocky Horror Picture Show every year, and the way the characters dress in the film, it’s all exactly the kind of quirkiness you can expect from a Tumblr user nowadays, not that that’s a bad thing. This one is more nit-picky and probably isn’t a real critique, but it was just an aspect of the story that I want to avoid recreating.

So, at its core, our novel – which for the time being is titled “Unravelled” although this may change as the book comes into existence – is another coming of age story, but written about the lives of three friends coming together and realizing that, though their lives were vastly different, they all dealt with some bad things in their past and had a lot in common and so they come together and form their own family. I’m very excited watching this story progress! I have a lot of editing and things that may need to be changed as we go on, but the fact that we’ve begun a first draft is still very exciting to me! Watching these characters come to life is honestly a privilege.


As for my music, I have finished one group of songs which I would consider an album I’ve lovingly called “Pluto in Scorpio.” I’ve already started writing lyrics for a new group of songs. I write lyrics first, since I’m not actually very musically inclined in terms of musical theory, although for my new group of songs I want to make them sound better. I feel like Pluto in Scorpio are the songs I just had to get off my chest, they’re very simple and a bit garage sounding. I had to make them to get them out of the way, and maybe now I’ll be able to put more effort into my next batch of songs.

The Pluto in Scorpio songs are currently set to private on my Bandcamp account as I wanted my favourites to hopefully premier in music videos, as part of a vision I have for the songs. Whether or not I get around to making videos, I’m not sure. If I do make videos or decide to release the album, I’ll make a post here to share them with my readers. I’ll also be making posts for what music I’m inspired by as I work on my songs, and maybe even one for what songs inspired Pluto in Scorpio.


Lastly, I have been doing some painting and drawing lately. I’d like to do a more in-depth post about my inspirations for my drawings and paintings in the future, so I won’t say too much now. I’ll just say I’m a big fan of Bob Ross’s the Joy of Painting, and of Frida Kahlo. Here’s a couple drawings and paintings from the past month though:

  1. Girl with green hair smoking with smoke friend
  2. Doodles for album cover of Pluto in Scorpio (these aren’t the final cuts, and may be the cover for the next album)
  3. Sunset with pelicans and island
  4. Caribbean sunset with palm trees and sea turtles


So, this is what I have going on at the moment. I’ll be updating my projects here as well as talking about my current inspirations for whatever I’m working on. My next post should be about inspirations, probably my drawing and painting ones will appear here first but I’ll have to see what I end up working on in the next few days.

Thanks for reading! Live well!


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We Are Gathered Here Today to Get Through This Thing Called Life

I wanted to start this blog as a way of journaling my inspirations and muses for art. Anything can inspire someone to create a beautiful piece of art and I just felt like it’d be nice to have a place to compile my ideas, and maybe even share my life a bit. I’m not exactly sure where I’m gonna take this blog yet, but I thought it’d be a good place to keep track of the paths my brain takes through my life.

If you decide to follow me on this journey, that’s awesome! Perhaps you’re an artist too and enjoy finding new sources of inspiration. That’s cool, maybe we’ll have some muses in common.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now until I make my first real post. Hopefully it should be coming soon.

Live well!